Frequently Asked Questions

What will I feel during TrueBeam treatment?

As you do not feel anything during x-ray examination, you will not feel anything during TrueBeam treatment.

Will I be awake during TrueBeam treatment?

Yes, you will be awake. No narcosis or anesthesia is needed, since you will not feel any pain during TruBeam treatment.

Is TrueBeam treatment safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Since it is not an invasive treatment method, you will be protected form all complications that may occur with open surgical interventions.
Frequently Asked Questions

How is TrueBeam treatment performed?

Standard radiotherapy processes are valid. The important point is that treatment period is approximately 5 times more advantageous and this increases the patient’s compliance to treatment. Due to coordination and speed of imaging methods in the process of this treatment side effects are reduced with an increase in protection of normal tissue and treatment efficiency on the tumor is increased by modulating intensity.

Will TrueBeam treatment affect my daily life?

You can continue with your daily life during TrueBeam treatment. There is no special limitation for this treatment method.

Can it be performed at all ages?

Yes, it can be performed at any age. It provides important advantage for patients who are not considered as appropriate for anesthesia because of advanced age.

What are the side effects?

Since it only affects the region it is delivered, it has no side effect fort he general body. Different side effects may develop according to the region treated. You can consult your doctor.
Will there be burns on my skin?
Skin burns are reduced to a minimum due to the property of the dose delivered with TrueBeam device.

Do I have to shave the area to be treated?

No, you do not have to get shave the treatment area.